Change 2 default icons

Hi guys,
I want to personalize more my VW changing some icons from the default site.

It is possible? If it is, how can i do it?

Thats the other icon, they didnt let me put 2 photos on 1 message.

We don’t really support changing the icons so you probably would have to build the web-vault yourself or find a way to replace the images inside the container. The icons are mostly inside the /web-vault directory. However, some images are also hard-coded into the vaultwarden binary (i.e. the logo that is attached to emails).

I think the easiest way to change the icons would be to replace them via reverse proxy: just match the location of the image you want to change and serve a different image for that location. (You could also set SMTP_EMBED_IMAGES=false if you want to overwrite the images in the emails with this workaround without building the binary yourself.)

Ok, thank you.
You know how to do it with nginx as a reverse proxy?

Olá guys!

I did the changes below, but it’s not working to change the logo. Any thoughts, please?
docker run
–volume “$PWD/images/logo-dark@2x.png:/web-vault/images/logo-dark@2x.png:ro”
–volume “$PWD/images/logo-horizontal-white.png:/web-vault/images/logo-horizontal-white.png:ro”
–volume “$PWD/images/logo-white@2x.png:/web-vault/images/logo-white@2x.png:ro” \

Did you cleared the browser cache?