Issues with Icons from Websites

I have an on-prem Vaultwarden instance running and the problem is that the icons are not loading.

Either there is something wrong with the settings or I don’t understand how it works.

Is it correct that the server tries to access every website that has a password and thus cache the icon?
If so, that would mean that I would have to let a password safe into the Internet using 443/tcp and 80/tcp.

I actually thought the addressed address for this was
However, I don’t see any calls on my firewall.

Thanks for the help!
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Icons are loaded by Vaultwarden it self by default.
Check /admin/diagnostics if you have internet access.

No i didn’t have internet access.
So its true that my vaultwarden password-safe trys to get the icons from every url I enter?

Yes, how else would it gather those :wink:

If you do not want Vaultwarden to fetch them locally, you can also configure redirects which then either use, google, duckduckgo or anything else which can provide this via some URL you can configure your self.

I thought, this will be done with the only url “”.
So I can setup a dns-based firewall-rule which only allows this destination.

But not to all kinds of destinations?

If i try to go to → i get the correct icon, so it should work with this?

Are there any documentation about configuring the icons?

If you enable the redirects Vaultwarden send a redirect to the browser/client and they then use that.

Thanks for this Information!
If I configrure it this way, the client will capture the icons, right?
Otherwise the server would get it?

Indeed. Though, the server still gets the request, but it doesn’t fetch self.

One last question, is it possible to use the server as cache? So the Server gets the icons e.g. from duckduckgo and puts them in his cache.
Every Client will get the icons now from the server?


No, that isn’t currently possible.

From what I see, I suggest you review your Vaultwarden server settings. Ensure that the icon fetching feature is enabled. There should be a setting related to favicon downloading or icon fetching.