Vaultwarden Logo web vault changes

Just wanting to make sure this is on the radar here, I’m sure that this has been or will be touched on shortly so possibly to get it in front of some eyes.

Not entirely sure what changes will be requested specifically, it appears as though though the logo and/or the naming at the least will be requested to be changed in the web vault build to further clarify and reference Vaultwarden specifically.

If this is really needed, i think somebody official from Bitwarden will contact us either via Github, or @dani him self regarding this.

But, as i saw my own comments already there in the post, i still stand by those. People should just better read and look where they get there applications from. I think it will still confuse people if we change the logos, and even more when they still need to use Bitwarden branden cli, desktop, extension and mobile apps.

There already is a /config endpoint currently, which indicates its a third-party server, same btw for the browser extension which shows that info, and if I’m correct they were going to add that to all the clients.

As linked in the post the reply is from dwbit who is the Technical Evangelist at Bitwarden.

I actually originally linked the comments, and I believe as was previously discussed the logo itself may be an open-source icon.

I agree having to make additional changes to the web vault would cause further confusion with users especially since the official upstream clients are needed for CLI, desktop, browser extension, and mobile apps as you mentioned so this “branding” would only be present on the web build.

Though I do suppose we will just have to wait and see directly what the request will entail.

to have any references of Bitwarden updated to Vaultwarden.

Just figured I’d get it in front of your eyes to be on the lookout for such a request should it come.

Though I wholeheartedly agree, this is ultimately the fault of the author of such articles who do not expressly mention the distinction as well as on the users who simply “Yes” through every menu when installing some software without really knowing who or where it is coming from.
Just copy and paste without really knowing what it does. :person_shrugging:

I just spoken with danig, and I’ll see if i can adjust at least the logo during login. And maybe some textual changes in the footer to make it even more clear.

For the record, we have not received anything yet regarding this from Bitwarden it self. But we also see some people just do not read, and hope this will at least a bit help against the confusion.

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That sounds like it would assist to prevent any further confusion, though as mentioned I am unsure what official changes will be requested from their team.

Though through all our best efforts I’m sure there will still be those few that even despite any changes still will not read or realize, though hopefully it’ll help in most regards.


Well, besides changing those items, there isn’t much else we can do. I already created a PR for this, so it will be changed soon.

Might I suggest co branding in the top logo? Bitwarden powered by Vaultwarden makes things very clear IMO. The bottom text Bitwarden Inc. (Powered by Vaultwarden) is very clear to me on the front end but I guess some people don’t read and just need that big logo.

Some of this also stems from the (terrible) mariushosting article. No explanation on what he is doing…

Please check the testing tagged release, it’s already fixed.

Just a quick mockup, new Vaultwarden logo and 404 page.

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@ikke Could you please upload your custom logo.