Change Vaultwarden-Logo to Bitwarden Logo


I noticed that with the latest Release the Logo on the Web-Vault changed to Vaultwarden. While I think it’s cool and I support/promote the project whenever I can I do prefer the look of the official Bitwarden Logo. Is there any way to revert the logo back?

Thank you for your assistance.

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Similarly to if you’d want to package up your own custom logo or images you’d need to create some of your own .css I believe.

Though this was recently changed to avoid any confusion with the project and the official release, as well as adhere to any Trademark guidelines as set forth in

The best thing to do if you do not want our logo’s. Which are there as @cksapp explained to further differentiate the differences and prevent users from complaining at Bitwarden that something isn’t working, we changed the logo’s to Vaultwarden.

So… the best thing is, build the web-vault your self and exclude the image replacements. Or replace the specific logo’s via a docker -v /path/to/image.png:/web-vault/images/image.png and repeat that for all the images.


Thank you both kindly for the explanation and help!