Bitwarden client applications and extensions after 28th of November

Hello @ All,

i will now tranfer my Password vfrom the private Version of Passwordsafe 7(Mateso) to Vaultwarden. I have set up the Dockerversion on my Synology an use all Clients of Bitwarden (Web-Client, Windows ad Android. On the official Help-Page for Bitwarden ( now there is now a notice that from November 28th, 2022 the client apps will only be supported on servers with a version greater than 1.46.0. The Adminpag from Vaultwarden shows the 1.26. Can I continue to use the client apps after the 28th? Is dani-garcia planning an update to 1.46.0?

thanks for replies


The Vaultwarden version numbers and Bitwarden version numbers do not match. The current Vaultwarden version is compatible with Bitwarden v2022.10.x.