Can*t login from windows desktop app anymore

Since today I cannot login from Bitwarden Desktop App (Windows 10) anymore. App reports user or password failure, but both are right, I can loggin via web with the same.
What can be the reason?
On the Vaultwarden admin diagnostic dashboard I see an update-hint:

Could this be the reason?
If yes: How could I update?
(My excuses for any silly question, but I am a complete layman! :grimacing:
Can I do updates automatically?
Thanks for all help!

Could be the cause. I have a similar problem, cannot log in with the desktop app from MacOS since today. But it was only after I logged out that I found out I couldn’t log in again.

I can’t update easily though, because this install is on yunohost.

Screenshot 2023-01-15 at 17.54.03

Does anyone know if what is indeed the problem?

Problem is the outdated server version, see

If you can’t update you’ll have to use older versions of the Bitwarden clients (I think 2022.10.x in case of 1.26.0, no idea about 1.24.0…)

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Hi Stefan,
thanks for that hint.
I am running Vaultwarden with DOCKER on a Synology NAS.
Is there anywhere a manual how to install the VAULTWARDEN Update on 1.27.0?