Considerations regarding compabilities

Dear community!

I’m currently considering to move from KeePassXC (incl. server synchronization) to Vaultwarden. Caused by this I have some questions:

  1. Is the server compatible with the regular Bitwarden Apps (Android, iOS, Windows and macOS)?

  2. How likely it will be that this combability will stop?

  3. If the combability stops (and software is automatically updated, such on Android via the PlayStore), how likely it will be that I have to deal for more than 7 days without a working client?

  4. How likely it will be that the whole support of this project will be fully suspended?

  5. Finally: Is it a good idea to move exclusively to this project and trust that it will be supported and is secure in contrast to continue using KeePassXC?

I know that’s a very theoretical question, but when make this move (together) with family and friends, we just want to ensure we make a good decision.


1 – Yes it works with the apps, you just need to set the app to point to your server, found under Settings in the app.

2 & 4 – I doubt it will stop but no one knows 100% other than the Vaultwarden Developer and also what the upstream developer does as well.

3 – I believe you can turn off auto-updates and or you could possibly sideload a specific version or you can use the web interface on the device to still have access to credentials. I have used both the app and the web vault and though the app is easier the web vault works just as well on a workstation as it does on a mobile device.

5 – I used KeePassXC for years using Nextcloud to sync to all my mobile devices. I Was a little wary at first to move to this project but have been super happy how that I have. Also depending on the feature set, you will be using you could always migrate to the official version from Bitwarden but for me, it would have a cost as I am using some paid features on the official version that are unlocked on Vaultwarden. What I did was install the software and take it for a spin, see what features I needed/wanted to see if they were in fact part of the paid or free tier. I then decide to use Vaultwarden vs the official version as I didn’t want to pay for those features and don’t mind being my own support team and also I run it in docker and can control when the server side is updated and You can set the PlayStore to not auto-update apps which I have set to control when things are updated so I can check for breaking changes.