Bitwarden announcement regarding version


on the Bitwarden help page there is this information:

For Self-hosted Users:

After November 16, 2022, Bitwarden client applications and extensions will only support self-hosted servers running version 1.46.0 and later. Please update your server to ensure compatibility. Click here to learn more.

The newest Vaultwarden version is 1.26.0 right now.
Will there be any issues when they change this on 16 November?


That is comparing :green_apple: and :tangerine: .
There is no connection between those versions what so ever.

Vaultwarden currently is compatible with web-vault v2022.10.2 (with maybe some minor missing items).
The version they mention in there blog is the client version, and those client versions are all equal currently.

I know that this aren’t the same versions and it’s not possible to compare. That’s the reason of my question.
And since all clients are equal the client version will be v2022.11.0 from the 16th November on.
So if the need features are not available in the Vaultwarden server version I’m pretty sure we won’t be able to use it then.

Well, they say you need at least v1.46.0 of the Bitwarden self-hosted. And, since Vaultwarden is already supporting newer versions, i think it should be ok. But, there still could be some minor issues, some if which we already are aware of an have patches for (not yet released).