Auto Startup upon power on

Any advice on the best way to get Bitwardenrs to automatically start when the device powers up?

I’m still new to docker and believe I could configure a systemd service or use command line options such as:

docker run -d --restart unless-stopped bitwarden

Would appreciate any thoughts on best practice.


Your system (I assume that this is a Linux OS) should start the docker engine automatically (you can check it is running via docker info).

The docker engine, in turn, will restart a running container (except if you use specific --restart flags, but the one you mentioned is fine).

So you can start the container once for all via your command (though you should map a volume so that your information is persistent, otherwise once you upgrade you will lose everything you configured and your passwords - this is the normal behaviour of docker, BW has nothing to do with that).

I would suggest you use docker-compose to manage your containers, it is much easier as you go on.