Vaultwarden Container Failing to Start After a Reboot

As the title says, I’ve found that the Vaultwarden container doesn’t appear to start upon a reboot and doesn’t appear in the list after a docker ps command.

Issuing a docker stop vaultwarden command followed by a docker start vaultwarden command gets it up and running again.

Can anyone point me in the right direction for troubleshooting? I have other containers which all start up again without any issue… obviously, Vaultwarden not starting again automatically isn’t ideal in the event of a power outage.

I’d been looking for solutions online before posting here and had found nothing. Immediately after posting here, I found a solution, implemented it and now my VW container starts up automatically after a reboot.

The command I used to enable this was sudo docker update --restart=always <CONTAINER ID>.

Can anyone explain why I had to enable this and why it wasn’t enabled automatically?

Because that isn’t a default for docker. It’s something you determine your self and it’s not something the container can control.

All other containers running under Docker startup automatically, so why would VW be subject to different settings?

Thats more a question for your self. How did you configured all those other containers?

It’s just not the default for docker. You have to configure it your self

Ok, thanks for explaining.

I’ve never had to configure a container to start up automatically upon boot, so I guess it’ll always remain a bit of a mystery to me.