Problem starting bitwarden_rs

HI Guys,

I moved my bitwarden_rs docker setup from my server to my desktop pc. Then to a new server.
Now I try to start the docker container, but it doesn’t work.
All files are owned by the current user.
If I start the container I get following output:

user@homemedia:~/servers/bitwarden_rs$ docker-compose up
Creating bitwarden_rs_bitwarden_rs_1 ... done
Attaching to bitwarden_rs_bitwarden_rs_1
bitwarden_rs_1  | [dumb-init] / Permission denied
bitwarden_rs_bitwarden_rs_1 exited with code 2

I rebuilt master, I tried 1.19.0 .Both didn’t help.

I’ve no idea what to do.