Android app wont let me sign in & chrome extension doesnt want to sync

I need help getting my android bitwarden app to sign in to vaultwarden, but its not working. It was working fine, and then an update showed up on play store. I upgraded, and haven’t been able to sign in since. I removed the app and deleted the cache and storage, then reinstalled. having the same problem still. I removed it again and rolled back to the 2023.7 version and also tried the f-droid version and still have no luck. the problem is after i put in my email, but before i enter my password, a popup says “We are unable to process your request. Please try again or contact us.” i push OK on the popup and the app crashes. I never logged out of the chrome extension, so it is still working, but refuses to sync. I have no problems logging in to the web vault. please help, im out of ideas.