Can't authenticate with WebAuthn on android


I was testing the vaultwarden project, version 1.27.0 for few months and everything was working great. Since my lastpass subscription ended, I decided to finally pull the plug and fully migrate to vaultwarden. I changed some configurations, set up backup and updated to 1.28.1. After doing all that and migrating my passwords, I noticed I no longer can login on my phone. I never had the app before but when logging in through chrome on android, I was always able to use my yubikey to authenticate. It used to be that a full screen would popup, where I would be able to select NFC key and scan my key as usual. Well, now it shows me a qr code and asks me to scan it with the device containing the passkey.

I’m not sure if it’s because of an android/chrome update or vaultwarden update. I tried sending the link to my PC and authenticating there, but the bitwarden client would throw NotAllowedError as if I just canceled the authentication.