Alpine vs latest docker image


I’m learning Docker, deployed bitwarden_rs on my Synology, it’s working great so far !

What’s the difference between the “alpine” and “latest” image ? The documentation only says : “same as above but a little bit smaller

Why maintaining both ? Are there pros / cons of using one or another ?

I tried both on my Synology and both work fine. I am missing something running the “alpine” image ?

So, both work.
Dockerfiles are generated, so maintainers only need to alter once.
Some people have their preference. I’m fine to use Alpine but some people may prefer Debian…
Many official Docker images also provide both Alpine (lightweight) and Debian (standard but heavy distro) versions

Ok thanks, I’ll stick with the Alpine image then

I have been using bitwardenrs/server:latest for a couple of years and am curious if I can simply switch to bitwardenrs/server:alpine or is it more complicated than exchanging the image in my docker-compose file?

Any pointer welcome

Depends on the database type you use. If it is sqlite, no problem.

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