VaultWarden without Docker?

Hey !

All is in the title. Can i install VaultWarden without Docker ? In a LXC container.

If wanting to install without running in docker you could try either using the pre-built binaries or compiling your own. This should work in an LXC container but I have not personal tried this.

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Currently I am running Debian 11 LXC with Vaultwarden.

I have used the following Gist as a basis (Thanks to Tavinus):

I have forked the Gist with my previous Debian 10 LXC installation.
Currently replaced this with Debian 11 LXC and used the building commands for Rust and Node from Vaultwarden Wiki (Vaultwarden and Web).

Only for Web the build fails (both Debian 10 or 11) with the latest Web version. I also noticed this issue with docker builds?

The solution of cksapp has answer my question but thanks anyway.

After that, maybe that’s a question you’re asking?

Cool that the question is answered.

Just for your information:
With the latest Web build I had issues with building the web part, similar as with the following two issues:

As a workaround I just grabbed the compiled version of the web vault which works ok.

There seems to be an api change at google regarding the fonts it embeds/downloads.

It is fixed in the master release of bitwarden/web, but not new version yet.

I think we should wait a bit

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