Installation for a noob

hello guys, is there a written guide how to properly install this on a vps with ubuntu 22 lts or debian 11, i have followed some google guides but cant get it to work…

Personally I just used the Wiki to go through basic understand of how things work as well as getting a decent understanding of the way the official Bitwarden server works from their support page.

Then mostly going through and testing, getting stuck and going to the wiki or Google to figure out a specific issue as it arises.
Really though there are several methods to manage Vaultwarden.
Probably the easiest is to use docker-compose, or possibly some nice GUI such as portainer (though that would also involve installing another service, making the process slightly more involved and adding more learning) to easily manage the service and make changes as needed.

I’d be happy to try and answer questions though and provide examples if needed, though as mentioned there are several ways you can go about setting it up and it really comes down to each use case.