Directory Connector Samba Sync claims success but no new users?

Hi there,

I finally thought that I found the right configuration for the Directory Connector syncing users from my Samba AD as it showed my a successful test and after starting the sync a successful sync. But unfortunately no invitations have been send out and no additional users show up in /admin/user/overview.

the log only show two lines for the sync attempt:

Aug 25 20:36:32 vault vaultwarden[33985]: [2021-08-25 20:36:32.014][request][INFO] POST /api/organizations/UUID_OF_ORGANIZATION/import
Aug 25 20:36:32 vault vaultwarden[33985]: [2021-08-25 20:36:32.024][response][INFO] POST /api/organizations/<org_id>/import (import) => 200 OK

this is running vaultwarden in a FreeBSD jail (12.2p10) version 1.22.2 and Directory Connector 2.9.2

any help/idea would be great


With a test sync you should see the users within the directory connecter. If you do not see them you probably have the filter configured wrong.

See: Sync with Active Directory or LDAP | Bitwarden Help & Support

Hi @BlackDex,

thanks for helping me out again :wink: but that is the curious thing with my issue. The test shows a successful result:

Hi its me again.

I just tried the Directory Connector with a different installation and I am getting exact the same result.