Vaultwarden Access & SMTP difficulties

I have a Bitwarden Premium access.
Now i would like to selfhost de Database on my Synology NAS.
I installed the Vaultwarden Docker Container and he works.
When i go over my DNS i rwch the configuration site from Vaultwarden. This is all ok.

When i go over the normal lind with :4040 ending, I reach the Vaultwarden LogIn site.
There i cannot access with the Bitwarden credentials!! Message: “Username or password incorrect!!” Why?
When i try to create a new user, then i receive the message: User existing or no connection.
What can i do?

SMTP Mail Sending
When i go into my Vaultwarden configuration site, there i configure that vaultwarden can send me emails.
All the configuration ist ok but when i try to send a test mail, I receive th efollowing message:

Error sending SMTP test email
SMTP 5xx error: permanent error (535): 5.7.8 Username and Password not accepted. Learn more at5.7.8 Check Gmail through other email platforms - Gmail Help l18-20020a5d4bd2000000b003078bb639bdsm6940554wrt.68 - gsmtp - Authentication credentials invalid

But the Synlogy Server can send mails over the gmail smtp, that will confirm me that the credentials for gmail are correct.

Please help me. Your help is very much appreciated.

Kind regards,


Hello Thierry,

Here’s how we can try to address these:

Vaultwarden is compatible with Bitwarden apps, but it uses its own separate user database. This means your Bitwarden premium credentials won’t work with Vaultwarden. You’ll need to create a new account on your Vaultwarden instance.

If you’re getting an error message when creating a new account, it might be due to a network issue. You should verify that Vaultwarden has proper network access and isn’t blocked by a firewall or any other network restrictions.

The SMTP error suggests that the email username or password being used by Vaultwarden to send emails is incorrect, even though your Synology server might be able to send emails. Please ensure the following:

  1. You’re using the correct SMTP server settings for Gmail (, port 587, TLS).
  2. The username is your full email address (e.g.,
  3. The password is correct. If you’re using 2-Step Verification, you might need to create an app password for Vaultwarden.

To check if your SMTP settings are correct, you can try to send an email with the same settings using a different client or service.

Let me know if these steps help resolve the issues you’re experiencing. I’m here to assist you further if you need it.

Kind regards, CyberWarden