Unable to send emails - Unraid

I know this subject has been discussed previously and I have read those topic. I have Bitwarden installed on my Unraid server. I’m able to access remotely however sending emails for invites and even to verify my account to get additional settings is not working. I’m trying to use my gmail account to send and I’ve notice others discussing “apps”. Not sure about that as I am pretty much a newbie when it comes to this. Can anyone provide me with some steps on getting this set up. Do I need a “app” in Google somewhere? If so, how do I go about setting that up. Thanks in advance.

I suggest to read

Thanks for the response. Followed that and set up an app password. I’m now getting the following:

SMTP connection error:Cannot assign requested address (os error 99)

I really appreciate the help. I think I’m almost there.

That almost looks like you try to start vaultwarden two times via docker or whatever.
Or something is strange with the SMTP_HOST you have configured?