Vault suddenly empty

Hello all,

we are using Vaultwarden for 2 years now, and its the second time my vault is empty (no entries, no organizations, etc.)

In the admin panel I see every users and organizations, no problem.
Diagnostics are all ok.

All other users have no problems at all.

The last time I created a new account, but we have a lot of organizations for now.

Did somebody here already had this problem ?

Thanks for your help !


Hey Alexis,

has this only happend for a single account, or for all accounts all over the system?
Have you recently changed anything to the vaultwarden docker-container?

Only 1 account, and no modifications on the docker.


How did you login to vaultwarden? Via an application (Desktop, Smartphone or Browser extension)? If yes, try to login using the webvault.

I once had a similiar problem, when the bitwarden application got updated and i couldn´t see my content afterwards. Accessing the vault via a webbrowser showed all its contents.

The problem is in all apps, webvault too…

Check your Vaultwarden logs and/or reverse proxy logs. Maybe your reverse proxy is configured to limit response sizes or something, and your vault has now gone above that limit.