Password not showing after refresh

Hi everyone,

I installed Vaultwarden using Docker a few weeks back and everything works fine for the 2 admin users working on it.

Now I wish to deploy the app to the rest of my coworkers. So I created an organization, and tried to invite 2 more users in it. Everytime these 2 users refresh the web page, each one of their passwords (shared or not) disappears:

Before refresh :

After refresh :

When the users logout and re-login, the passwords are shown again.
The issue appears on Chrome and Firefox, I didn’t try on other browsers.
Sometimes, the passwords don’t disappear after a refresh (especially on Firefox), but they do most of the time.
The 2 admin users (that are in the same organization) don’t have the issue, so I tried giving one of the the new users the exact same permissions as one of the admin → The passwords still disappear after refresh.
When I remove the users of the organization, they don’t have the problem anymore, but when I reinvite them, the issue comes back.
No error in the docker logs or in the Chrome dev tools.
No issue on the web extension or the Windows app.
When I look in the dev tools when refreshing, the passwords seems to be sent by the server :

Does anyone have an idea on where the issue might come from?

Thanks in advance.

Refresh of the web-vault should lock the vault, and require unlock with the master password.

I imagine the items being hidden is likely due to the vault actually going into this locked state, but strange that the GUI is not showing correctly.


Thanks for your answer.

The vault is indeed locked after the refresh, but the passwords are hidden after the vault is unlocked with master password.

Hi everybody,

I found a “solution” :

The problem seems to appear when the user have not enough password to trigger this loading screen after unlocking the vault :

I asked one of the user that had the issue to import a large number of passwords and the issue was resolved for him.

I then tried to delete all of the passwords of one of the administrators that had no issue (me), and the problem appeared on this account.

I don’t know if this happens only in my environnement, but if someone could try to add a user with a small personal vault to an organisation, and then refresh while in the vault of that user to see if that’s a bug or something in my setup, that would be nice.

Had the same issue. Resolved by clearing cookies and site data for vaultwarden