Vault Export - only a few items are exported

Hi there, I´am working with Vaultwarden a few months now and in general it´s running very well. The problem I have is the following.
I have a Vault and a Organisation with 4 Users in total. Based on this/my Vault (imported from 1Password) I´ve setup the Organisation. In total I have appr. 250 different items in my Vault consisting of Logins, Secure Notes etc. When I export my Vault as a .json file and import this file into f.e. Enpass, then only 81 items are imported. Exporting the Vault of the Organisation, then this .json file is twice as big as the file from my Vault. Trying to import this file into Enpass ends in an error message “Nothing to import”.

In both cases I´am carrying out the export from the Vaultwarden Web-GUI.

I hope that somebody can help me to solve this problem.

Thank you and kind regards


See Vaultwarden export stops after few entries · Discussion #1919 · dani-garcia/vaultwarden · GitHub

Thank you for this hint. I read this of course. For me it looks like that “nakal” has a different problem than I have. With him, the export stops after a few items and he receives an error meaasge. With me, the export runs through without any errors but contains only 81 of 246 items.
In the meantime I have made some more trials: Exporting the vault of the “organisation” and using csv instead of json results in 243 exported items. Doing the same from “my vault” (all items are the same than in the “organisation”) results in only 81 exported items.
Would be interested to learn the reason for this behaviour.
kind regards chuby

There it was also explained that personal and org items need to be exported separately. There is no way to export everything with one export command.

Thank you very much for your help. I will do so in the future.
kind regards