Importing encrypted json to org vault not working


This is a bug. I was simply importing my Bitwarden organization vault into my newly created Vaultwarden, using the json(encrypted) + password protected method of export and here’s what happened step by step:

  1. I exported my json encrypted from Bitwarden (again, Org vault not default)
  2. I saved the json encrypted on my local machine
  3. I imported the json encrypted to my Vaultwarden and to my surprise, it showed ALL my personal vault passwords instead of the org passwords. Not sure how that happened. I triple checked the json file I was using but can’t go wrong because Bitwarden names the files upon download.

Anyone else seen it or is able to replicate? I just wanted to log it somewhere :slight_smile:
P.S.:, the way I resolved this was to use json instead of json encrypted.

I tested and retested this scenario a few min later, and it’s now working as expected. Not sure what happened but yeah. Working.