Vaultwarden failing to fully import bitwarden_rs export


I’m finally decided to migrate form Bitwarden_rs to Vaultwarden. In order to migrate my vault, I did the typical export from Bitwarden_rs and import into Vaultwarden. The issue I’m running into is that no matter how I export from Bitwarden_rs (json or csv), importing it into Vaultwarden only partially imports my vault. I have confirmed the passwords missing from Vaultwarden are in the export, so it just seems like Vaultwarden isn’t fully importing it. By random sampling I’d say anywhere between 1/2 and 1/3 of my passwords are not imported. Anyone run into this?

Why do an export/import?
Why not just update the image and let the database migration handle everything. That preserves users, settings etc… :wink:

Also, if you are using organizations, then you need to migrate the personal vault and org vaults separately.

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Hi @BlackDex thank you for the reply.
I was under the impression an export/import was needed but re-reading the sources I got that information from, I might have misunderstood. Looks like the posts I was reading talked about migrating from the official self hosted image.

I will try just switching the image and going from there. Thank you!

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