Fine grained export feature - credentials of a folder/collection

Hi there,
Thanks for the great software.
I wonder if it is possible to allow exporting only selected items such as a collection, rather than the whole vault.
The use case is that I would like to keep tokens and credentials that are assembled into an env file or set of secrets for a given service and it is much more convenient having a way to export a bunch of them in bulk.
Currently we are stuck into two non-optimal options: either export the whole vault or export one by one.

We need to keep track of these credentials individually to update them when required. Thus saving the whole file pre-prepared and stored is also not the best option.

Is there a way to have it on the webclient ? Thanks in advance.

This feature request is not something Vaultwarden can fix for you.
Vaultwarden is only the backend server and is compatible with all the clients, including the web-vault.
For the web-vault we only make some minor changes so that it will work with Vaultwarden. We do not add any features our self’s.

For items like this I suggest to take a look here: Feature Requests - Bitwarden Community Forums