SSO using SAML keycloak

Hello All, I’m new here and going try Vaultwarden.

Can I check something? I’m aware that Bitwarden is able to integrate with keycloak. But, for Vaultwarden, is it able to integrate with keycloak too? If not, what are the other alternatives?

SSO integration is not implemented yet. There have been a couple of pull requests but I don’t know if any of them are ready to be merged or actively worked on.

The only alternative I’m currently aware of is using a third-party LDAP connector to invite users to vaultwarden. If you need SSO you should consider using the self-hosting option of the official Bitwarden server (or maybe try the new unified beta?)

Seems like it only the Bitwarden enterprise license is only capable of doing the SSO. I’m not so sure with the new unified beta? Can provide me more information regards to that?

Yeah, the enterprise license will probably also be required for SSO in the beta (which is apparently not enabled by default) but I don’t really have more infos regarding this. I suggest you talk to Bitwarden directly or ask in their community forum.

It’s coming along. You can follow the work here: