Vaultwarden for MSP

Hello everyone,

We are a SMB company that manages passwords for multiple customers. We’re currently transitioning from LastPass, which involved Single Sign-On (SSO) integration and shared folders and Azure groups for folder access control. My question is whether Vaultwarden can accommodate these requirements or if we should consider using a self-hosted Bitwarden solution instead?

SSO is not supported yet. There is an open PR but it probably still needs more work.

Also if you aren’t aware the upstream Bitwarden project has a Bitwarden for MSPs plus the partner portal which I do not believe Vaultwarden offers.

Not entirely sure what the MSP aspect of it entails but just good points to consider as well.

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Yeah ok beside single sign on and we focus in functionality. Can we use vaultewarden as an SMB company with around 100 users, several departments and customer passwords ?