[SOLVED] Using existing db and keys

Hello All,

I had a bitwarde_rs system up and running. I had to keep it old while waiting for debian 11 release. After the realese, I updated the server and everything in it and of course bitwarden_rs. Now I have vaultwarden up and running. However I messed up the update and lost the database files. As I had full system backup before the update, I have recovered the database files successfully.

My questions is how I can use those database and key files in vaultwarden system.
Information about my setup: I pull source code from vaultwarden repo and build it myself and then run it. I didnt use docker at all.


I’m writing down what I exectly did for future people.

  • I uploaded the data folder as tarball to the server.
  • I extracted the tarball in place I want my data folder is
  • I created any missing folders inside the data folder (sends and attachements)
  • I created .env file using the template
  • I pointed each data folder entry to the data folder to my files
  • I pointed key file to key_file.pem file

Started vaultwarden and it worked.