[SOLVED]Updated to the latest version but web vault is still showing Version 2.25.0

Hi all,
I’m hosting Vaultwarden using docker-compose. I updated it following these 3 steps

me@mymachine:~/vw$ sudo docker-compose stop
Stopping caddy       ... done
Stopping vaultwarden ... done
me@mymachine:~/vw$ sudo docker-compose pull
Pulling vaultwarden ... done
Pulling caddy       ... done
me@mymachine:~/vw$ sudo docker-compose start
Starting vaultwarden ... done
Starting caddy       ... done

Despite this, the web vault version is still 2.25.0.
On the github repo I see that the latest release should contain the version 2.25.1b

Am I doing anything wrong?

You need to run docker-compose up -d

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Ouch, I was missing a step!

so, 4 steps are needed:

  1. docker-compose stop
  2. docker-compose pull
  3. docker-compose start
  4. docker-compose up -d

Thank you so much.

Well, actually i can be shorter.

docker-compose pull
docker-compose up -d

That will only re-create containers which have changes to either there version of config changes.


thank you. There is always something to learn

Not sure if you want to always run the latest and greatest with your password manager however you could always use watchtower to automate the process you just described above.