[Solved] Server not updating vaultwarden/server:testing

Good Morning/evening,
I’m running vaultwarden with docker-compose I have the image set to vaultwarden/server:testing
admin/diagnostics page reports
“Server Installed [Update] 1.27.0-729b5631”
“Server Latest 1.28.1-445680fb”
“Web Installed 2023.2.0”
Doing “docker-compose up -d” should update the container for some reason it is not.
Any advice on what I’m missing would be greatly appreciated.

You first need to run docker compose pull

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Thank you I was under the impression that docker-compose up -d did a pull itself.
That thought process has worked with other containers, but either way, issues are resolved
thank you for your time and quick response.
Issue resolved.

Nope, it will use the containers located on the system at that time. It will only pull of the image is not available locally

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