Remove new organisation

Is there a way where a user can not click “new organisation” and only admins can do that?

That is a bit difficult since when there are no orgs, everybody is a user.

You could do two things. Create a list of users who are allowed to create orgs.

Or with the latest testing image based upon the main branch contains single org option feature: Support single organization policy by domdomegg · Pull Request #1991 · dani-garcia/vaultwarden · GitHub (though, maybe not yet fully visible within the web-vault - Stop hiding single organization policy by domdomegg · Pull Request #50 · dani-garcia/bw_web_builds · GitHub )

Yeah, that’s what I want to have a list of users who can create an organisations.
I’m not very code savvy how can i implement this?

How are you deploying Vaultwarden? If you use docker or docker-compose you can set the environment variable,

As described in

If you have the admin page enabled with the environment variable


You can also set the list of users allowed to create organizations in the admin page with a comma separated list of emails, and save the config within the admin page.