Question “Trash” settings


I am wondering If I delete an item and it is moved to trash, will it stay there indefinitely until I permanently delete it or does the trash have an auto empty setting? I know the official bitwarden site says items are placed in the trash for 30days. Is that the same for bitwarden_rs? I tend to archive old passwords instead of deleting them and I am wondering if I can use the trash bin for that or if they will get autodeleted then.

I couldn’t really find anything regarding this anywhere so I wanted to ask I if any of you knows.


bitwarden_rs does not currently auto-delete any trashed items. If it were implemented, I expect the delay would be configurable (e.g., 0 to disable auto-delete, or any whole number of days).

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Thank you so much for the quick reply. That is awesome news for me then!