Automatically expire invitations

Currently, invitations are stored until they are either accepted or deleted manually. However it would be nice if there was a way to automatically expire any invitations that are older than a few weeks / days / months.

A user might have been invited but lost the invitation mail. When they try to register they are informed that the account already exists. They then have to request a password hint to get an email that contains a link to a form where they can request the account deletion to get another email with a link to finally delete their account. And only then can they register a new account.
These steps are not really obvious (why would I request a password hint without an account? why should I delete my account if don’t have an account?) and the warnings are also unsettling (do I already have an account that I am deleting?) so this is not a very user-friendly experience.

Also deleting an invited user from the organization does not delete the invited account (even if it was the only organization that invited the user).


According to upstream official Bitwarden does this automatically defaulted to 5 days with being able to be set with an environment variable as well.

globalSettings__organizationInviteExpirationHours=	Specify the number of hours after which an Organization Invite will expire (120 by default).

Would definitely be a good feature, I imagine a small PR as I believe currently there is a cron job which runs a few tasks to purge a few items in the container.
I believe sends, and trash items if I’m not mistaken.