Q: How to not import duplicate entries?

This may sound weird to some of you, but i wish to use a KeepassX database as my leading database also for editing. This KeeppassX database will periodically be imported to Vaultwarden in CSV format.

Vaultwarden does simply add he imported entries to the vault, which is not what I would like.

I would like Vaultwarden to just import the database entries that are not yet present, or if present, but different AND newer. Simply said, i would like to do a one-way sync from the KeepassX databse to Vaultwarden.

What I have not found in Vaultwarden 2.19.0:

  • import / sync without duplicates
  • identify and select entries with identical title in existing vault

What I could do is before importing:

  • select all entries, then delete all selected entries (not ideal if, I had added some entries during usage, they would be lost)

Is there a feature that would help with such a setup? Does it make sense to request such a feature?

Importing is done by the web-vault which VaultWarden just uses from bitwarden.

I would create a separate org for this which you could purge without touching personal items.

There appears to be a feature request for this specific feature on the Bitwarden official community forums that appears to be fairly popular.
May go and upvote the feature request to get it in the eyes of devs

Another community forum post for reference, How can I delete multiple duplicates of account data? - User-to-User Support - Bitwarden Community Forums