Feature request: 2FA/TOTP for admin page

I’ve just installed Vaultwarden for the first time and was very surprised that I can use TOTP/2FA for regular users but not for the admin page.
This question has already been asked here, but this was back in 2015, so I thought to ask again if there are any plans to make this happen.
I’ve read about the suggestion of setting up basic authentication via reverse proxy. Correct me if I’m wrong, but afaik that would result in every user accessing the Vaultwarden instance being forced to use basic authentication and not only for the admin page, right?
Thank you in advance.

2FA support for the admin page is also on the list of feature requests. Not sure if anyone is working on it right now (or people just use something like authelia for the admin panel if that is a hard requirement).

The idea would be to just require an additional authentication for /admin. C.f. the commented section in the proxy examples for nginx by @BlackDex