Web-vault stores tokens in browser

Hi there. I explored local storage in the browser to see what data the web vault saves when I close the tab or window, and I’m confused. Why does it keep access and refresh tokens? Why are they not cleared after exiting the browser? The next time I log in, it always uses the master password hash, not tokens. I checked in Firefox and Chromium. In comparison, the official Bitwarden web vault doesn’t save tokens in the browser.

Vaultwarden is using the official Bitwarden web-vault, with just some minor changes. Ave none of those changes have anything to do with browser storage or encryption. So either you didn’t compared the same version, as it might be a newer web-vault handles this differently.


You’re right, i’ve compared different versions. So, will wait for update vaultwarden web app and check again. Thank you

If you use the testing tagged version of Vaultwarden it will use the latest web-vault available v2024.5.0.

I use latest tagget version, so web-vault is v2024.1.2

I understand that. But testing tagged images have v2024.5.0.