No website icons on iOS from second use


i‘m running Vaultwarden 1.25.0 as docker container (Qnap Container Station). I use Bitwarden 2022.6.1 (1895) on iOS 15.5.

After configuring the app with my custom vaultwarden endpoint everything works fine. But when I restart the app, the website icons are not shown anymore. The only way to get them back is to log off and reconfigure the app with my custom connection string. Then the icons appear again - until I restart the app… and so on. :frowning:
I‘ve also tried to define a custom icon server - same problem. All icons are present in the cache and when I use the web vault they are shown everytime.

I have no more ideas.

That is not something we can help with.
This looks like a mobile client issue.

I suggest to test this also with the bitwarden provided free environment and if it happens there also then report an issue there.

That was my first suggestion too.
But I‘ve tested the same client app with the official bitwarden vault. Website icons are always present - no matter how often I restarted the app.

Set TLS in QNAP to 1.1 or 1.2

That didn‘t work for me. :frowning:
I‘ve also deactivated HSTS in the Qnap reverse proxy.
Any other ideas?

I’m sure it is because of TLS, I had the exactly same problem with my DiskStation.
Stop the Vaultwarden docker and delete all files in the folder /icon_cache

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Deleting the icon_cache content after setting TLS on v1.2 was successful.
Thank you!