iOS App not showing vault item icons

After the most recent updates I am not able to see vault item icons anymore on my ios device. I am able to see them in my google chrome browser extension as well as on the web vault. I was not having this issue prior to the recent update of the vaultwarden server and January client updates.

Can anyone direct me if this is 1) a confirmed issue? 2) Is this upstream where it needs to be reported there?

I was able to roll back the iOS app using test flight, no luck with getting the icons to show on iOS. I’ve even delete the app completely on the phone, ensuring that all data was removed as well with no luck. Judging by that I don’t think this appears to be a client issue then.

Anyone else having an issue where vault item icons aren’t showing on iOS bitwarden app? This started happening with the recent updates of VW latest server as well as bw’s latest client updates. I’m trying to rule out if it’s app side or server side.

I’ve already rolled back the iOS app to a previous version and that didn’t work. I don’t want to roll back VW server because I don’t want to cause any issues or corruption. I’ve tried log outs, app deletion, I can confirm form an iOS browser that I can see the vault icons using the below url. Ran out of ideas here.


I downloaded the bitwarden app on an iPad and the icons don’t show there too.

What kind of certificate are you using? Is it fully valid?
Try to run your domain through SSL Server Test (Powered by Qualys SSL Labs)

If it is missing a chain, that could cause issues.
And double check you do not have the don’t download icons feature enabled on the client settings.

Certificate is done thru Let’s Encrypt. The ssl test comes back as good.

The vault item icons work on the web vault, chrome browser extension, and windows desktop app. iOS iPhone and iPad app are both the only ones not working.

But, during that test, does it mention that the chain is valid also?