No people in organizations


I just started to play around with vaultwarden and so far I like it a lot. The only issue I have is with managing peoples in organizations. I can invite people but everytime I open the peoples “pane” in organizations its shows me a spinning wheel. In the logs I see these entries:

[2021-08-18 11:34:09.872][request][INFO] POST /api/organizations/[UUID?]/keys
[2021-08-18 11:34:09.873][response][INFO] 404 Not Found

the effect is that I can’t confirm accepted invitations and therefor use organizations.

Any idea what to look for?

I am running Vaultwarden version 1.21.0 in FreeBSD jail behind an NGINX proxy.



You need to use the latest version of vaultwarden. You are currently a few versions behind.
The latest version is v1.22.2 which should solve the issue you have, because i think you have a newer web-vault version then is supported by v1.21.0.

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Thanks for the help. Now it is working!