No 'Go Premium' section in settings

I do not have ‘Go Premium’ in my user settings so I cannot apply my license.

My setup is vaultwardenrs docker image,
Server Latest 1.23.1
Web Installed 2.25.0

I do not find this at all, do we have to activate it?

Vaultwarden does not have a license section. It has some premium feature’s enabled and some are not available.

If you have a license then you probably want to use the Bitwarden self-hosted, see On-premises Hosting | Bitwarden Help & Support , and not Vaultwarden.


I really am interested in Vaultwarden, because I only have a raspberryPi to host BW.
I’ll check my important features are available and stick to Vautlwarden if I can :slight_smile:

@BlackDex Does this mean I can ignore anything relating to licences in the (Bitwarden) instructions to migrate from Cloud to Self Hosted?

So essentially I’d just create my new account in Vaultwarden, export my vault from Cloud, then import it into Vaultwarden. Is that right?