No 'Go Premium' section in settings

I do not have ‘Go Premium’ in my user settings so I cannot apply my license.

My setup is vaultwardenrs docker image,
Server Latest 1.23.1
Web Installed 2.25.0

I do not find this at all, do we have to activate it?

Vaultwarden does not have a license section. It has some premium feature’s enabled and some are not available.

If you have a license then you probably want to use the Bitwarden self-hosted, see On-premises Hosting | Bitwarden Help & Support , and not Vaultwarden.


I really am interested in Vaultwarden, because I only have a raspberryPi to host BW.
I’ll check my important features are available and stick to Vautlwarden if I can :slight_smile: