Adding new organization asks for license

I initially installed the docker version of Vaultwarden and I was able to create organizations. Then, it came the need to have a different DBMS (PostgreSQL) so I exported the database, cloned the repository and built the binaries, installed the web vault and migrated the database. Everything worked fine and I also did all the hardening process with SSL and reverse proxy. I didn’t notice that but now, when I have to add a new Organization, it asks for the license. I’m on version 1.25.1. Adding the organization directly on the database works (without specifing public/private key). Any clue about why this happen?

Looks like you didn’t build the web-vault using the Vaultwarden patches.

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I was using the same web-vault you linked me (dani-garcia/bw_web_builds) but I was on the 2022.6.0. I noticed there was an update (2022.6.2) and I downloaded the tar.gz of the compiled version, created a backup of the old one and moved this one on the root of the Valutwarden server (the same thing I did with the older one). And now it just asks for the name and the billing address. Thank you!