Vaultwarden and client

Hello everybody,

I am thinking of switching from KeePassXC to Vaultwarden. I have three questions:

  1. Does Vaultwarden have some features for free, that I have to pay for when using Bitwarden backend, for example, sharing passwords with my family?
  2. If I use some of this features, which official Bitwarden client do I have to use: open-source or commercial?
  3. If I have to use the commercial client: Am I allowed to do this legally? I don‘t know the Bitwarden license exactly…

I hope, to get some answers soon, because I really want to switch to Vaultwarden.

Greetings, Thecrafterja

If you host Bitwarden yourself, it’s all free.
Only if you host directly with Bitwarden will some options only be activated when you pay.