Need to rebuild an account

I have a user who has forgotten their password. We decided to remove their account and rebuild it. However, when they go to the web portal and try to create a new account, they get an error message indicating that their account already exists… even after I deleted it and verified that it was gone.

How do I move forward?



Have you used and check the /admin interface to delete and see if the user is actually removed?

Removing a user only from an Organization will not work, that still keeps the account.

The user can also delete there account there self by going to /#/recover-delete
Checkout I Forgot my Master Password | Bitwarden Help Center

I tried going to /admin but received an error message:
The admin panel is disabled, please configure the ‘ADMIN_TOKEN’ variable to enable it

So, I tried going to /#/recover-delete and was told to contact my administrator. (I am the administrator)

So, how do I configure the ADMIN_TOKEN? I’m assuming it’s an env variable, but what value do I give it?