Bug where after deleting a user the system still remembers it exists

Hello, I have a user that forgot her master password so I had to remove her and send a new invite but she can’t create a new account, and when she does the password hint she still gets the hint of the old user that was deleted.

I made a feature request to implement the admin reset like bitwarden does here BitWarden feature Admin Password Reset

Also, I updated to the latest version before posting both topics, and I’m having a bit of trouble where the chrome extension won’t log me in but in the same browser I can log in perfectly, I get a failed to fetch error when I try to log in.

How did you delete the user? Probably not via the /admin interface i think?


no, from the normal management interface, that seemed to have solved it. thanks.

From that interface it only removes a user from the organization.
Glad it is resolved.

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