How to reset user password in an organization?

We have got a few users, I see that there is a way to allow users to reset password by admin but this feature is not available in my org policy setting?

Please advise the best way to handle cases where the users forget their password.

Vaultwarden does not have this feature.

Thank you for the response. What’s the best course of action if a user forgets their master password?

Delete and create a new account, that is the only option.


Found that the user can delete and recover using

That will not recover aka restore there account.
It will delete there account so that you cam create a new one.

All your stored passwords will be lost after that action.

Yes, we are using organization, so most of our passwords are stored in organization. It is acceptable for our use case.

Besides using only organizations (and perhaps enabling the policy to disable personal vaults) you could advise your users (especially the owners of the organizations) to write down their master passwords and store them somewhere safely so they don’t forget or to also make regular backups (Tools → Export Vault) if they store unrecoverable passwords in their vault. Vaultwarden also supports the emergency access feature but this has to be setup (and accepted) in advance.