Mobile App Update: 2023.3.0

I’m sure the devs are already aware (thus the recent ‘testing’ server update), but the latest Android Client released today (v2023.3.0) crashes on the latest Stable release (Version 2022.12.0 aka v1.27.0) of the Vaultwarden server…

Do NOT update to the latest Android Client if you are still on the Stable Release of the Vaultwarden server.

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Thanks for the heads up! Luckily the mobile app hasn’t updated on fdroid yet.

Ive been thinking about switching from latest to the testing image for a few weeks now, new argon features etc and no estimated time on when latest will get an update (days/weeks/months?)…this might just make me take the leap.

Is there any major gotchas or issues with the testing image? (Or any dedicated section with discussions on it)

my desktop app updated this morning via winget to 2023.3.0 and is still working with vaultwarden latest 1.27

as yet haven’t had an browser extension updates or mobile app to test yet… i will update and if something doesnt work ill change docker tag to testing

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iOS app updated and still working with VW latest 1.27

& Android finally updated from Fdroid - confirmed the issue you see, the app just quits here

fixed android by just clearing app data / storage and setting up again

hint found at Android app instantly crashes. · Issue #2424 · bitwarden/mobile · GitHub

so for me windows/ios/andoid all working ok with VW “latest” 1.27

only thing as yet not tested is browser extensions as 2023.3 doesn’t seem available yet

This has nothing to do with Vaultwarden indeed.
It doesn’t even try to connect to the server at all.
I’m using the F-Droid version too.

After i cleared all the data and re-configured the app it works.

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Then I’m not sure what to say. I installed the F-Droid build from Bitwarden’s Github >>Download Link<<. It’s the same build I’ve been using for a few years with no problems. I installed it on both of my devices (Samsung Tablet and Google Pixel 7) and they both crashed upon startup. I then wiped data and re-configured, and they both started crashing again, immediately.

I’ll try the official F-Droid build and see how that goes.

EDIT: I can’t even install from the F-Droid app. Even after adding the Bitwarden repo, it says no update available. Perhaps they pulled it.

EDIT 2: The update finally showed up in the F-Droid app and installed. After clearing data and re-configuring. it worked this time. I also compared this build to the build I previously used and they were identical. It must have been ‘User Error’ the first time. Sorry for the False Alarm.