MACOS integration

I installed BW on my MAC MINI (MACOS Sonoma) and it works as expected as an extension for BRAVE, Safari, etc. compiles automatically, etc.
I also installed the desktop app.

However, I was hoping to be able to integrate it throughout the OS, similar to how I did it in the iOS/iPad OS, where I could specify that I wanted to use it for autofill everywhere (and even turn off Keychain in the same place).

On MacOS, I think it should be in Settings->Passwords->Password Options.
The Keychain appears there, but not Bitwarden.

What am I missing?

Thank you!

As of my last update, macOS does not support system-wide integration of third-party password managers in the same way that iOS/iPadOS does. This means you can’t replace Keychain entirely with Bitwarden for autofill purposes across all apps and services on macOS.

I don’t think things are like that, sorry. I also tried Proton Pass and it works perfectly in my Mac OS Sonoma, I can use it instead of keychain. so, why not Bitwarden?

Well, in that case, I can only say that you need to ensure that you have correctly set up Bitwarden on your macOS. Sometimes, specific permissions or settings might be needed to allow a third-party password manager to function optimally.

ok, that’s it, you’re right.
I’ve checked several times, reading everything I’ve found on the subject, but I don’t have a solution.
Thank you

Well, I found one discussion on GitHub, and they are talking about a similar problem. Maybe some steps you find helpful. Here’s the link: Native MacOS and iOS app not working with latest vaultwarden release? · Issue #2173 · dani-garcia/vaultwarden · GitHub

thank you, I go read this discussion

no, it’s not the solution to my problem, this is about a sync issue, and my Bitwarden on MACOS syncs fine.
my problem is : I don’t see BITWARDEN in the MACOS settings under “password”
thank you

Then sorry about that. I guess someone else here should be able to help you.

Many thanks, I really appreciated your help. Regards

seems it’s not supported yet according to macOS Native Autofill - #54 by bacender - Password Manager - Bitwarden Community Forums