Mac Desktop app Bitwarden produces "Failed to fetch" error (browser extension works fine)

Mac Desktop app Bitwarden produces “An error has ocurred: Failed to fetch” error, but browser extension works fine.

Can someone help me understand why is desktop app producing this error?

I have self-hosted server. I use yubico passkey to log into browser addon,…but on a desktop app, I don’t even get prompted to insert my passkey.

Also, when I try to configure browser addon, I can clearly see on the server side (terminal/CLI) the requests to access the serve. However, when I try to configure desktop app, the server doesn’t even register a single attempt to login.

More interesting background:

I have 2 self-hosted instances installed (=dockers) on my server (UNRAID): bitwarden (before it was replaced by vaultwarden) and vaultwarden.

Both instances work OK when accessing over browser (localnet and internet!), and over browser add-on (any browser except iOS).

When I use DESKTOP app on Mac: Access works OK when logging into bitwarden instance on my server…but it does NOT work when I try to access vaultwarden instance on my server (the server doesn’t even log access requests)

I’m really puzzled by this behavior…Given access permutations I tried, I highly suspect it is the MacOS desktop app that is creating the issue…

Any help is appreciated.

Silly question, but have you enabled the “self-hosted” option on the desktop client?