iOS error when auto filling

Bitwarden just released an update to their iOS app version 2023.9.

When I am attempting to auto fill in safari browsing on iOS, and while on cell network I am receiving an error “warning unlocking may fail due to insufficient memory. Decrease kdf memory settings or setup biometric unlock to resolve.” This also happens in iOS chrome browser.

It should be noted in my bitwarden iOS app settings I have vault timeout to never, and the option for biometric and pin are turned off. Therefore now when I autofill it is asking for me to enter my master password, which is never did before and after typing my password I receive the error message.

I am using argon2id , kdf interations 3, kdf memory 64, kdf parallelism is 4. These settings were recommended in a community forum or may even have been default.

What is suggested that I do?

Well at least the prompting of the master password ignoring the vault timeout is client side and confirmed by someone else putting in a git bug report.