Help using iOS app for the first time


I managed to run Bitwarden RS in a docker container. I can access it through a public url like using https scheme, thanks to a letsencrypt certificate. I created 2 organisations and connecting through a web browser works like a charm.
But I’m having issues using my iOS app.
I go to the settings tab from the top left corner on the very first screen. There, I provide my server url: then save that.
Then, back to the main screen, I don’t know if I need to go to “login” or “Unique entreprise connection portal” (translated from French app). Of course, I tried both.

  • The login page gives an “error occurred” message.
  • The “Unique entreprise connection portal” asks for organization name. When I provide it, it asks authorization to open “” for authentication. I accept. It opens a webview with my Bitwarden login window. When I enter my credentials, it opens simply BW home page in this web view while I was expecting an authentication then getting back to the app.

So, please, what am I doing wrong here? Any help is welcome.
Thank you very much.


No idea how should I proceed with iOS?
If there is a guide I could be pointed to, I’ll be happy to read it. Thanks.